Google Analytics UA | The Complete Guide | 2021

Google Analytics UA | The Complete Guide | 2021

Update March 16th 2022: Google Analytics announced that Universal Analytics will be depreciated on the 1st July 2023 after that, the data will no longer be available to use. 

We have loved creating this course and it has been a pleasure to share our knowledge with you.

Thank you for all your support and feedback.

Updated January 2021: Our previous students, from our days delivering in-person training and online courses have come from companies like Google, General Assembly, Airbnb, Coca Cola, Booking. com, Vodafone, Freelancer. com & tons (& tons) of smaller businesses and startups who want to learn, nail it, and win! Over our career we have taught over 65,000 students and have now ventured into the land of Udemy! 

Hold on there, don’t Google have their own free one – why would you pay for a course? Which is fair, it’s a lovely little course, you’ll learn all the lingo. You won’t however, know how to do anything – which is kind of our bag. Equally, if you are after Google Analytics for Properties, or G4P - that's a new product, and in beta. Luckily, we will have a course for it as soon as the product is ready - around the same time that Google have one.

If you are after Universal Google Analytics, you are in the right place!

Listen, we won’t make you an analytics wizard overnight – and we think misleading people is a bit mean – so we aren’t going to. Honestly, you could go off and learn the ins and outs of this fantastic platform by yourself – took us a few years, and if you have that kind of time – we salute you! We enjoyed the sweat and tears, no lie.

You’ll probably know, that unlike the formal training offered for other marketing tools, Google Analytics training tends to fall through the cracks. You’ll have heard about analytics, no doubt. You might even have glanced at the occasional report. Line goes up, good news, line goes down, bad news – that kind of thing.

But, do you really know how to use this wonder-tool with confidence? With so much confidence in fact, that you can super-charge your decision-making, answer even the trickiest question about any customer interaction and make your website work harder for you, without breaking a sweat?

Aha. Now that changes things, doesn’t it? And that brings us back to why we’re here. Because, unlike most marketers, we know how to absolutely -crush it- on Google Analytics, we literally wrote the book. And with this course, you can crush it too.

You aren't required to know anything beforehand - we'll teach you the fundamentals, how to apply them, how to develop into an advanced user, if that's where you'd like to go.

Now to the super special bit. We are going to help you understand how it all works and master the ‘how to do it part’ with editable templates that have come off the back of 10+ years in analytics, about 175 analytics audits, and teaching tens of thousands of people. It has taken us months to create these templates alone, but they will form the documentation you need, not to mention save you months in creating them for yourself. Short of sitting down beside side you, and doing your job for you - this course has - everything you'll need.

How’s that for special? See you in there!

P.S. make sure you check out our 'How to Use this Course' resource in lesson 1 so you can focus on the modules that will work best for your learning journey.

Your instructors:

Aiden Carroll is Co-Founder of The Coloring In Department. He built some of Google's earliest and most successful education products, that still run today, has taught 65,000 people worldwide, and is Global Lead Digital Instructor at General Assembly NYC & London

Jill Quick is Co-Founder of The Coloring In Department. She is a globally recognised authority on Google Analytics and speaks at numerous international conferences on the topic. Safe to say, she knows her stuff.

Looking for a Google Analytics course that will show you how to do it? Superb. Found it. You're in the right place!

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What you will learn
  • Understand why measurement is vital for your website and business
  • Understand the process to plan your dashboards and reports
  • Identify the impact that bad data has on your business & decisions

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Level: All Levels

Duration: 9.5 hours

Instructor: Aiden Carroll

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