Project Management Master Class

Project Management Master Class

         In guiding a project – particularly one in the building and construction industry - to either success or failure, an intricate knowledge of Project Management is critical in determining the project’s outcome. In reality, people practice many of the concepts involved in Project Management however to fully utilise and benefit from such a detailed understanding of  Project Management Diploma theory. 

Duration of Study

The pace at which each student studies is different. The nominal hours for this course are 20 hours, however, this can vary greatly depending on your previous experience and study techniques. Student support is available by asking a question online or visiting our website.

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         Whilst a Project Management Masterclass is not a new concept for teaching, Exner Education, drawing on their 25 years of experience in the construction industry have tailored this course to address many of the challenges facing Construction Projects and their Project Managers today. 

         Typically, these projects have the greatest risks associated with them and as such are far more susceptible to deliver outcomes where large financial losses are experienced or the project be delivered late or to a lower quality than expected. 

        Whilst on its own Exner Education’s Project Management Masterclass serves to provide an understanding of the theory and practice of project management in the building and construction industry. 

If you would like to discuss being assessed for this course, please visit our website. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate of attainment.

Provide detailed theories and practices unique to building and construction project management

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What you will learn
  • Define the project scope and develop the project plan
  • Select appropriate project management tools
  • Manage project systems

Rating: 3.4

Level: All Levels

Duration: 16 hours

Instructor: Exner Education

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