Hospitality Management - Buffet Food Costs & Revenue Profit

Hospitality Management - Buffet Food Costs & Revenue Profit

                     About This Course.

  • Learning How to Create formula Calculation ( Buffet Menu ).

  • Determine Sale Price .

  • Manage & Control Product ( Preparation )

  • Profit You Earned.

  • Food Cost Margin and Profit Margin

  • will Knowing Overall Food costs , Fast & Complete.

  • Benefit for Catering Company, New Restaurant, Restaurant  Food owner ,Culinary arts Students.

  •     ( Fast , Easy and  Complete Detail Calculation & Automatic Results ).

  • Good for People Get involve with Food & Beverage Industry, Hospitality, Event Catering Company.

  • Anybody Can Learning .( All Level )

  • Upgrade Your Buffet Concept , Design , Calculation , Determine Selling Pricing for Each

  •     Category buffet.

  • Can Manage and estimated Your Preparation ( Food Production ).

  • Control & Manage spend money for purchase.

  • All Data Will keeping in one Document ( easy to checking & review ). Build your Files Professional.

  • Learn how to build & Sketch from Blank Microsoft excel till Complete Formula. Became an Excel Expert.

  • Well Design & easy to understand the  Material

               By Completing This Course, You will.

  • Apply this formula to Build & create new Buffet Costs Calculation.

  • Determine Sale Price for each Buffet Menu you Create.

  • Be Able to see cost Calculation answers quickly, fast and detailed.

  • All Calculation Results with come out automatically.

  • Control & manage your spend money.

  • Safe time & all data will be stored in an organized manner .

  • Benefit to Event Catering Company,  you decide to open new Business food restaurant ,

    Food Restaurant Owner. Culinary Arts Student. Upgrade your Buffet Calculation Costs.

Master Chef Zairi Zaidi

( Malaysian / USA chef )

Learn How to Create Menu Buffet , Calculation Formula , Preparation ,Determine Sale Pricing & Costing, Detail & Complete

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What you will learn
  • Recipe Calculation
  • Menu Buffet Cost Calculation
  • Determine Buffet Selling Price

Rating: 4.42857

Level: Beginner Level

Duration: 5.5 hours

Instructor: Zairi Zaidi

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