Discover Chakra Dance Secrets To Radically Transform Life

Discover Chakra Dance Secrets To Radically Transform Life

This Chakra Dance and Meditation course has currently being updated. Join Sharon Ramel - the pioneer of teaching shamanism and chakras online here at Udemy.

Recent Reviews for Chakra Dance and Meditate this year

"I love how quick each video is. Even though I'm not moving at the pace that I would like, I feel as if I am making positive steps in the direction I would like. Thank you for this program. It's very thorough. As I am learning, I can feel myself balancing as well. Gratitude. I did it!" Antoinette Jackson

"This course allowed me to delve deeper into my daily chakra practices. Each chakra's section included information, journal questions, a guided meditation, possible yoga pose/mudra/ etc, and time for free-form dance. The instructor had amazing energy, and the music chosen was beautiful. (I do wish the pieces were a little more uniform in length - I had to pause in dancing to repeat a couple of the shorter ones.) Especially loved the final integration meditation/dance! I very much enjoyed and appreciated this course." Tasha Minnaar

"The depth of knowledge that Sharon shares is truly a gift for anyone who engages with her". - Grace Solman

A Quick Peek At The Contents and Overview

You will discover how to work with the transformational wonders of the chakras, learn specific meditations and a free-form chakra dance that resonates with each main chakra to bring about self-acceptance, peace and healing within, leading to improvements in your life.  You will learn mudra and affirmations that resonate with each chakra. You will learn how to perform basic pendulum use and diagnosis for the chakras.

  • How we will dance or move to stimulate each chakra.

  • Definition of chakra and prana

  • How to do a quick chakra dance with each of the main seven chakras

  • How to do a Mini Chakra Cleanse - "The Lightworkers Way"

  • Learn how to work with a pendulum to diagnose problems in your chakras and others

  • Discover affirmations and mudras attuned to each chakra

  • Discover more about you Base Chakra

  • How to do Ashwini Meditation attuned to your base chakra

  • Learn about your Sacral Chakra Revealed

  • How to do 'Churn the Mill' activating the sacral chakra and a mudra

  • See your Solar Plexus Revealed

  • How to do 'Ha Kriya' Solar Plexus firepower for your self-esteem

  • Discover more about your Heart Chakra

  • How to do 'So Hung' Meditation to open our radiant hearts

  • Learn about working with your Throat Chakra

  • How to do 'Brahmari Pranayama' to calm the mind, reduce blood pressure and speed healing

  • See more about your Third Eye

  • How to do the Candle meditation to open our third eye

  • Open to your Crown Chakra

  • How to do the 'Our Crowning Glory' mediation to see our connection above

  • Integrated Chakra Mediation to bring them all together and to say goodbye

  • Learn how to use and work with a pendulum to better diagnose how the chakras are moving and what stresses maybe be associated with them.

Is your life stressful and feeling out of control? Then come with me as we chakra dance, meditate, discover mudras and affirmations to inspire you, let go have fun as we de-stress in this transformational course. Fine-tune your chakras with ease for self-discovery bliss. This a healing, meditative dance, mudras and more journey through the main seven chakras. Using free-flowing movement (NO background in dance needed just an open mind) with specific music from different cultures and guided imagery we dance, we meditate, we discover mudras and affirmations to connect with our inner and outer world.

Join Sharon as she is one of Udemy's top instructors and pioneered teaching shamanism online globally. It is my prayer that these keys and practices will become a part of you and will support you to lift your vibration and shift the limiting patterns of a lifetime of conditioning and support your graceful unfolding to living your true souls' expression.

  • Sharon offers you a certificate of completion by request for free at the end of this course.

How to chakra dance and meditate is designed and guided by Sharon Ramel who will teach you how to discover happiness here and now. As your guide, I am here with you daily to assist answering your questions

You'll discover and practise meditation and simple breathing methods, so you can concentrate fully and connect with all the life that surrounds you. You'll dance in an intuitive free form way receiving joy in your everyday life to transform your mind and body. This leads to self-acceptance and improved lifestyle. Personal development 101 techniques at your fingertips.

Discover how simple it can be to bring the wonders of life to nourish and heal your body and reduce your suffering.

Practice Meditation in Your Everyday Life to Transform Your Mind and Body

* Understand how to be mindful, whether you're simply breathing dancing or walking

* Learn from your past and release anxiety about your future

* Reflect upon your connection with nature and to all life

* Gain acceptance and graceful self-development

We are not talking about any old dance or meditation. We are talking about a free form chakra dance and meditation that reveals you to yourself! Coming home to your own body/soul sense. That deep knowing that you lost along the road we call life.

“Dance? But, I have two left feet. I am not good at dancing. Meditate! I cannot sit still. I am no good. I have tried before"

Well listen up my friends, dancing is fun! Meditation is also fun and both activities are relaxing. It's not just about the steps or the technique. It's not just about the music, it's about the space you create. This course is a combination of moving your body - chakra dancing, stimulating your mind and enhancing your spirit. Learn engaging meditation to relax you and it is a great way to express your emotions. Balanced chakras bring new vitality to your life. Learn how to unload your chakras of the life long sludge!

Chakras are our life force or vital energy. Some call them “the spinning wheels of light" located all over your body. Although we have thousands of them, there are seven major chakras located along our spine from the base to just above our head that we need to focus on. The role of the chakra system is to be able to regulate the flow of our energy force or what we commonly have known as the aura. Once our energy force is blocked due to the many challenges and emotional roller coaster we find ourselves in, it is not surprising that we get sick – not only physically, mentally, but also emotionally.

The chakras are wheel-like vortices of energy which connect the physical body to its subtle energetic counterparts. In this article, we'll take a look at the seven main chakras, which play a key role in energy reception and transmutation for self-development. 

The chakra system has been extensively studied and described in Eastern systems of philosophy and medicine, although Western science remains sceptical their very existence. Nonetheless, awareness of the body as an energy system is increasing among forward-thinking scientists, and the chakras along with meditation continue to play an important role in a  variety of holistic healing disciplines for personal development.   

Certification and Accreditation: Some instructors offer “accreditation” via external official-sounding bodies. The majority of these are fake. We call them Certificate Mills. The only thing the “Mill” wishes to see from the instructor is money (ranging from $40 - $1500 per course depending on the Mill) to pay for the process. They do not even wish to see 1 minute of any course nor any qualification an instructor may hold. You; the student is then sent to these places to pay them (more) money as the student. They commonly offer public liability insurance that you can get WITHOUT them and the fake fancy-looking Diploma.


I offer you certificates in love and trust: They are a gift, not a right.

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The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment 

Learn healing chakra dancing, meditation, mudras, affirmations and more bringing calmness and deep peace within.

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What you will learn
  • Healer's in any modality (eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc) will quickly apply and integrate these rituals in life and work providing healing
  • Discover how to use a pendulum to diagnose your chakras and use it effectively in your healing work
  • How to do a variety of healing meditations attuned to each chakra to relax and soothe your mind

Rating: 4.95

Level: Beginner Level

Duration: 5 hours

Instructor: Sharon Ramel

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