Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills

Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills

What did the 2019-2020 STC Alliance Competition Judges Say about the “Professional Technical Writing” Course?

  • “Writing is a strength that all should improve on, and the content of this course covers a foundation useful for all.

  • This course covers, writing techniques, editing techniques, components of a document, how to create a project plan, the use of tables, images, and flowcharts, and even touches on the future trends of technical communication. This is all-encompassing.

  • The course covers a wide range of topics to introduce Technical Writing and presents technical writing as an alternate career path.

  • The scope of the material is appropriate for the audience and purpose.

  • Content includes references to additional materials or resources.

  • The structure is evident.

  • The organization is logical and consistent.

  • Headings and subheadings consistently signal topics and subtopics.”

++++++++++ AWARD WINNER! ++++++++++

Our Professional Technical Writing course has garnered yet another award and selected one of the top 4% of the courses reviewed by COURSEMARKS website by getting an overall score of 9.4 out of 10.

COURSEMARKS founder Dr. Michael Curtis said “this course is in the TOP 4% of 94,680 courses that we have reviewed. That’s remarkable!”


  • 107 Lectures

  • Over 17 Hours of Video

  • 22 Exercise Sheets (attached as a RESOURCE file)

  • 22 Solution Sheets (attached as a RESOURCE file)

  • 36 Quizzes

  • 6 PDF Ebooks (attached as a RESOURCE file)

  • 40 PDF Supplementary Documents (attached as a RESOURCE file)

  • Over 4,600 Students

  • NO DEADLINE to finish the course. Take it, study it, and finish it anytime you like.

  • 1 Final Assignment reviewed personally by the instructor!

  • Free WEEKLY UPDATE of writing tips, ideas, and tutorials

  • And my 30-day No-questions-asked Money-Back guarantee

++++++++++ TAKE THIS COURSE AND...

Learn the principles of technical writing and editing to build for yourself a great writing career that pays well.

Learn it from a  professional Fortune 100 technical writer who has been writing technical documents since 1998.

Technical writing has consistently been selected over the years as one of the "100 Best Jobs" in America. It performs an irreplaceable support function in many sectors and provides a stable and consistent way for writers to earn a good living.


  • Fiction writers

  • Web content writers

  • Engineers & Scientists

  • Developers & code writers

  • Project and product managers

  • Journalists

  • Librarians

  • Teachers

  • College students

  • Military personnel

  • Government workers

  • Office workers

  • Screenwriters

  • Anyone changing careers

  • Retirees looking for a second or side career

  • Anyone in between two jobs

+++++++++++ What Did They Say About This Course (1) ?

"The sessions range from basic to specific, and are overall very helpful for someone looking to start a career in technical writing. Be sure to do the assignments, especially the final one--you get to know how much you learned, and Ugur gives a surprisingly lot of useful feedback."

-- Ya-Ching Chuang

“I think that this course is really great overall because it teaches the "structure" of technical writing - as in what should be included (TOC, LOF, Index, etc.) as well as what terminology to use & what NOT to use. The videos are great overall in explaining the concepts of technical writing. From my experience, Ugur is a very great & professional instructor who cares about his students. I have written to him many times asking him questions as well as asking for his advice and he has always responded back to me with his answers & his suggestions. He also provides many videos on YouTube offering his advice for technical writers. Because of this, I consider him more than an instructor - I consider him a friend! I would give this course 5.0 stars just for the very supportive instructor, but the videos & the course content itself has provided very valuable information for learning the "template" of technical writing documents (for a new technical writer such as myself at least)! Highly Recommended Overall!!!”

-- Chuck Larson

"The course was completely as advertised and delivered everything it promised. I especially appreciate Ugur's kindly approach to instruction and upbeat attitude towards life. The bonus lessons are great as well. I'll be a regular visitor to tcc6-dot-com!"

-- Nathan Johnson

"It is an amazing course and covered everything thoroughly. I suggest this course to anyone who's interested in technical writing."

-- Indira Mungalpara

“I learned so many useful skills. And, I was able to write up one of my favorite projects to organize in an easy-to-use format.”

-- Alice Theibault

“This is a very good course. I have no experience in technical writing and must say that the course is well organized and added resources are really helpful. Thank you!”

-- Agnieszka Draminska

“This course was very well planned and organized. I was able to learn a great deal and I am happy with the results.”

-- Chen Levinger

“Yes - the variable information and the lectures about charts and graphs are helpful. Also the multi-threading.”

-- Kristi Dozier

“Great course! I learned some valuable tools that I have no doubt will come in quite handy in my technical writing career.”

-- Mark Bailey

“Good pace, very detailed.”

-- Joy Krupnow

“Excellent course, with lots of useful information. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be registering for more.”

-- Karl Bamforth

“It was excellent. Thank you”

-- Narottam Kishore

“Great! Well-thought-out, comprehensive, nice teaching, and a really competent author.”

-- Christopher Knapp

“I am not even finished with the course yet but already I am learning so much that I am able to apply immediately. The course instructor is responsive and available which is greatly appreciated and refreshing. It is obvious he has a passion for his work and wants to share. Thanks for creating this course!”

-- Lauren Schramm


The course takes you from the basic principles of good technical writing and covers dozens of other topics including:

  • Basic technical writing techniques and pitfalls to avoid

  • Basic technical editing techniques to apply

  • How to create a document template

  • Components of a technical document

  • How to write a Documentation Plan

  • How to create an Index

  • How to think in terms of variables

  • How to use tables properly in your documents

  • How to select and annotate images

  • How to use flowcharts in your documents

  • Important future trends in technical writing

  • Review of your Final Assignment

  • Dozens of quizzes, and exercises with their solutions

  • and much much more!


>>> Our August 2022 Graduates and their Final Assignments:

  • “User Manual for Special Defense Operative” by Ehdiel M.D.

  • “How to Write an eBook for Kindle to Supplement Your Retirement Income” by Michelle P.

>>> Our June 2022 Graduates and their Final Assignments:

  • “Delite Waffle Maker Instruction Manual” by Siarah E.

  • “FLOW - LED Alarm Clock with USB Port” by Jorge M.

>>> Our May 2022 Graduates and their Final Assignments:

  • “Davines North America Education Department Administration Manual” by Marie S.

  • “Recording Meeting Minutes Guide” by Lisa L.

>>> Our March 2022 Graduates and their Final Assignments:

  • “User Guide for OneDrive for Business” by Vina A.

  • “How to Write for Kindle: A User’s Guide” by Renzo V.

>>> Our December 2021 Graduates and their Final Assignments:

  • “How to Narrate for ACX – A User’s Guide” by Elizabeth L.

  • “How to Paint a Room: User’s Guide for DIY Pro” by Gregg R.

  • “Easy Egg Recipes – A User Guide” by Travis S.

>>> Our September-November 2021 Graduates and their Final Assignments:

  • “How to Process Sales Orders in ShipStation: A User’s Guide” by Erika R.

  • “Finding Courses: Udemy Getting Started Guide” by Julie M.

  • “Amazon Echo Dot Quick Start Guide” by TaJoycelyn R.

  • "iPhone 12 Pro User’s Guide" by Maria F.

  • “Hot Cuisine 9000 Fondue Pot User Guide” by Ethan D. S.

  • “Highcharts Made Simple” by Julie C.

  • “How to Use an Electronic Stapler” by Tony B.

  • “DOCULITE-dot-COM User Guide” by Vikram J.

  • “Shop Online User Guide” by Mandy M. F.

  • “User Guide: Small Rectangular Metal Frame” by Maria B.

  • “User Guide: Using a Sewing Machine and Creating a T-shirt” by Jane P.

  • "Universal Laser Systems PLS6.150D Laser Cutter User Guide" by Rachel P.



This BEGINNER LEVEL course does NOT teach how to write and communicate in English like, for example, a course designed for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. This is NOT an ESL course, a course teaching composition rules of English, or English grammar. The students are assumed to have a basic command of English grammar and the ability to read English instructions without any problems. If you have any questions or doubts about the content and nature of this course please inquire first before enrolling.

HARDWARE/SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: The course assumes you are using Microsoft Office installed on a Windows PC machine.  A majority of the instructions apply equally to both PC and Mac machines but for some lessons (like how to construct a Word template) you must use the Mac counterparts of the PC commands.


Technical writers in the USA made an average of $71,950 a year, according to the latest available STC (Society for Technical Communication) Salary Data.

According to glassdoor-dot-com, top-earning tech writers at companies like Google make as much as $165,000 a year.

Obviously this course alone cannot guarantee that you will find a lucrative job right away but you will learn how to create your first technical document which you can use in applying for a technical writing position.

+++++++++++ What Did They Say About This Course (2) ?

"It was a great help in learning about technical writing and editing techniques"

"It was a great help in learning about technical writing and editing techniques, how to generate quality technical documentation. I liked the bonus section on Audience Analysis and RoboHelp. I'm hoping my certification will help me break into an entry-level technical writer role."

-- Olivia Amici

"It's an A+ course & instructor!"

"This was a great course overall - especially for being free! It teaches the importance of understanding who your primary audience is & what kind of information to provide. To be honest, I also wanted to find out how the instructor is providing the information without paying before I purchase additional courses of his. He's a very great instructor that cares about his viewers! In my opinion, it's an A+ course & instructor!"

-- Chuck Larson

"This course is very helpful"

"This course is very helpful especially for the beginners or for career changers who really want to establish a career in technical writing it briefs all contents required to be a technical writer."

-- Upma

"I have already learned a great deal"

"This course is a good match for me. I have already learned a great deal. I love writing, and have written procedures with screenshots in my previous job. I would love to get into Technical Writing!"

-- Regina Morgan

"I am absolutely amazed at how much information I have learned"

"I am absolutely amazed at how much information I have learned. The purpose of taking this course is to apply for a Technical Writing job. The person that's referring me at her employer said to find a Level 2 course since I use business writing daily and I have self-published two mystery novels. I am so glad I did not listen to her advice and started a Level 1 course. I know I would not have been successful in the job if I did not have the knowledge I've learned here. Also, I used Microsoft Word everyday throughout my career so it was nice to learn the style and multi-level numbering features (I didn't expect this--a nice treat). Also, I was totally clueless about charts and graphs, X axis and Y axis, etc. This course offered way more than the $200 I paid. Thank you."

-- Gwendolyn Pegram

" It's quite comforting to know that he is still very active regarding this course"

"Most of what has been covered up to this point are things I know. I was already interested in making the career switch to Technical Writer, he just put extra emphasis on why it's a good decision. Edit: Just received a reply from Dr. Ugur Akinci about this review. It's quite comforting to know that he is still very active regarding this course. So be aware that if you partake in this course, you are not hung out to dry and don't have to flounder on your own."

-- Kristen Ohlemeier

"A great way to break into the technical writing field"

"The course is simple to understand and is a good way to brush up on what I learned from the university plus additional modern tools which I have not learned about in the past. Ugur is approachable and presents topics clearly. I also liked the exercises after the lectures. As a lifestyle writer/copywriter, I would say this is a great way to break into the technical writing field. I would say there are several things that I still need to learn, and this course is a fantastic starting point for me as it opened up a lot of ideas that I have to delve into."

-- Robby Benson Torres

"Wonderful course. I learnt a lot!"

-- Hairul Hazri Suleiman

"A wonderful refresher..."

"Many years ago, I worked as a technical writer, and this class has been a wonderful refresher for me. I think this would be a helpful class for someone who is entering the field of technical writing and needs to understand some of the field's overarching principles."

-- Monica Prochnow

"Instructor is very active and involved with his students"

"This course is great so far. Simple but professional while giving work I wouldn't have expected to encounter. I do have some questions for teacher (later) and from what I've seen, he is very active and involved with his students. I also like the extra resources. A good investment!"

-- Ashley Elijah

"Best course I've taken through Udemy"

"Dr. Akinci shares his extensive knowledge of technical writing in a clear and easy to understand format. From learning about a document's structure to useful hints in Word, there's something for anyone looking to expand their writing skills. The final assignment allows students to put their learning to work right away. Receiving prompt feedback from Dr. Akinci is extremely helpful. He praises where you excel and highlights ways to further improve future documents. He's super encouraging! I've learned an amazing amount. Best course I've taken through Udemy."

-- Laurie Trowbridge

"One of the best courses for beginners who want to be Technical Writers"

"One of the best courses for beginners those who want to be "Technical Writers". Best teaching with lots of videos, assignments and explanation. It has helped me personally for developing my writing skills and learning the technical concepts for writing. Thank you for this course and I am glad that I was part of this course".

-- Jitendra Dahare

"One of the best in the technical writing field..."

"Ugur Akinci does an excellent presentation and through delivery with notes and references. One of the best in the technical writing field. His past experience is certainly evident in the videos and supporting material."

-- Ronald Nats

"... helped me recently get a full-time technical writing job"

"Ugur's course was very helpful. It helped me recently get a full-time technical writing job." 

-- Loren Robinson 

"Thorough, Useful, and Easy to Follow"

"Dr. Akinci is an excellent instructor, in addition to being an accomplished technical writer. He guides the student through the very detailed, step-by-step process of producing user guides and technical manuals, and he does so with a friendly humour. Each lecture is an easily digested, bite-sized morsel. Aside from making the bits easy to learn, this also makes it easier to go back and find things later, if you need to check on something. I'd recommend this course to anyone with any interest in technical writing."

-- Tamatha Campbell

"A must course for anyone who writes technical documents!"

"I currently work as a BA, and decided to take this course to concentrate on the logistics of writing. This course has superseded my expectations! Technical writing isn’t simply writing well, but designing a professional document for the end user. For this, you need to know how to create the components of a technical document, indexing, graphs and tables, just to name a few (all of which are covered in this course). 

I considered myself a strong writer, but during the course, I realized that I was making common mistakes, changing from active to passive voice in my documents, assuming the end reader would understand my abbreviations, or acronyms, or writing noun trains…In this course you will learn everything you need to know (and in great detail) to write a technical document. 

This course is by far, the best course I have completed through Udemy."

-- Jennifer Somerville

"A Worthwhile Investment..."

This is a comprehensive, well-organised and well-considered course. Chapter-by-chapter, you learn the wide range of skills required by a successful technical writer. The lectures are very informative and come with a huge amount of extra resources and materials which are available for download. It’s also a plus that course is constantly updated and the instructor is also available and highly responsive to his students.

I’d highly recommend this course but it shouldn't be aimed at just those interested in pursuing a career in technical writing. Academics, students, business people – anyone who writes reports - will reap benefits from this course. I found it well worthwhile investing both my time and money in this course."

-- Kathryn H.

"High Quality as Expected"

"This course and professor's learning structure both serve as strengths to Udemy's catalog. I am satisfied by how much content that the professor provided, for the professional feedback that he directed toward our individual projects, and for the feeling of satisfaction to achieve a certificate and to potentially share our work with others. Thank you for piecing together a valuable educational experience!"

-- Phill Keck

"Great Technical Writing Course!"

"Great course with great material! Ugur's insight and how he can relate real life scenarios to help teach the information in a way that makes it easier to learn and retain. Thanks Ugur!"

-- Lee Dinkins

"Great!!!! Great course for beginners or even experts!"

-- Nicholas Nelson 

"Great course! The course is very helpful!"

"The content is informative and comprehensive. Thank you!"

-- Mariia Zlatkova


"I haven't finished my work yet, but I have found his course very helpful." 

– Michelle Daley

Excellent Course"

"You course help me lot in my Daily Job. I am not a technical writer nor in the business of writing. But as a Project Engineer who prepared lots of technical reports and letters to client and contractors this course help me a lot. Most of the technical writing fundamentals given here are also applicable to my kind of Business writing. I could not make any product manual as I don't have any Product. Highly recommended to all those who wants to improve their Business Writing even though course is on technical writing."

– Varun Patel

“A very fine course!"

"The course was very well delivered and lectures divided into sections and all sections contained important information and tips. Quizzes were just right for the task. Dr. Akinci presented the material clearly and competently. Moreover, he corrected the assignments promptly while providing a very thorough feed back."

– Shaheda Rizvi

“Take this Course!"

"My name is, Justin Berg, I am a Product Manager for a web based EHR called MediTouch. I took this course to help with job responsibilities, but I wish I took this course in High School. I could have used the material from then and into the Future! The course was easy to complete and the material is to the point. The teacher will give great feedback for your final project and even offered to help assist with technical writing questions into the future."

– Justin Berg

"Possibly the most useful course I have ever taken"

“Practical and useful… Possibly the most useful course I have ever taken."

– Joaquin Roman

"Incredibly helpful"

“The grammar refresher at the beginning is incredibly helpful, and what I liked best was the introduction to vector graphics and flowcharts. Love it!"

– Mohana


“Finally a Technical Writing and Editing course that I can recommend to my colleagues and students."

– Hakki Ocal

++++++++++ "Do I need to buy anything else?"

No. The course has all the materials you'll ever need, including 15 hours of video, PDF documents, and complimentary ebooks. 

++++++++++ "How long will it take to finish the course?"

It will take about six to eight weeks from start to finish if you spend 15-20 min a day. 

++++++++++ "What does the course cover?"

The course takes you from the basic principles of good technical writing and covers dozens of other topics including:

  • Difference between technical and business writing

  • How does technical writing compare with “creative writing” and journalism?

  • Principles of audience analysis

  • Components of a technical document

  • How to write a Documentation Plan

  • How to create an Index

  • Basic technical writing techniques and pitfalls to avoid

  • Basic technical editing techniques and things to avoid

  • How to create a document template

  • How to think in terms of variables

  • How to use tables properly in your documents

  • How to select and annotate images

  • How to use flowcharts in your documents

++++++++++ "In addition to over 6 hours of video, do I also get any supplementary materials?"

Yes. TONS OF THEM actually! Here is a list:

  • 107 Lectures

  • Over 6 hours of video

  • 22 Exercise Sheets (attached as a resource file)

  • 22 Solution Sheets (attached as a resource file)

  • 36 Quizzes

  • 6 PDF Ebooks (attached as a resource file)

  • 40 PDF Supplement Documents (attached as a resource file)

  • Over 4,000 students

  • 1 Final Assignment reviewed personally by the instructor!

  • Free WEEKLY UPDATE of writing tips, ideas, and tutorials

  • And my 30-day No-questions-asked Money-Back guarantee

Most lectures have downloadable PDFs related to the videos. Click the second-from-left button (with down arrow on it) on the upper-right corner of the lecture screen to access these PDF documents. Go ahead and start your journey to job stability and higher earnings today!


Yes! IMPORTANT! This course comes with my PERSONAL NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 30 Day FULL REFUND GUARANTEE! Try my course for 30 days and if you still don't like it Udemy will refund you 100%. You've got nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Create your first technical document by applying the principles and techniques of technical writing taught by Pro Writer

Url: View Details

What you will learn
  • In this beginner-level course you will learn the principles of technical writing, how to create a document template, and how to write your first User Guide.

Rating: 4.6

Level: Beginner Level

Duration: 17 hours

Instructor: Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.

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