UNIX/Linux Operating system - Beginner to Advanced

UNIX/Linux Operating system - Beginner to Advanced

Thought of learning Linux then you are in the right place. These lectures teaches you all the fundamentals of UNIX/Linux for a beginner and guides you to be advanced user of UNIX/Linux Operating systems. The course is meant for those who are eager to learn UNIX/Linux technology and wants to make a career in IT industry be it a UNIX administrator , Data Base Administrator or DevOps professional.

If you are a SAP/ OracleDB/ MSSQL Administrator on Microsoft Windows knowing UNIX/Linux will be a great deal.

If you are an entrepreneur running websites on hosted wordpress, learn Linux you can host your own wordpress server on a low cost Linux server.

Complete Unix/Linux OS learning with BASH

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What you will learn
  • Learn about UNIX/Linux Operating System and its working in detail
  • Learn to install Ubuntu Linux from ISO and pre built images with Oracle VM
  • Complete Linux Architecture

Rating: 3.75

Level: Intermediate Level

Duration: 3.5 hours

Instructor: Devops Academy

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