American Accent Training for IT Professionals

American Accent Training for IT Professionals

What you will learn in your American Accent for IT Professionals course

This course is designed for IT professionals who want to communicate clearly in American English.

  • developers
  • programmers
  • enterprise architects
  • consultants

The course vocabulary is customized for the IT workplace.

Relevant vocabulary

In the course I've recorded the lessons that have worked most effectively with the IT professionals I've worked with in my coaching program.

  • You'll learn to pronounce 120+ IT vocabulary words clearly & correctly
  • You'll learn to pronounce IT industry sentences with a clear & engaging pace
  • You'll learn rules & patterns for speech that's easy for Americans to understand

Immediate application

Since you'll be learning to say words and sentences that are relevant to the IT industry including:

  • developer
  • programmer
  • enterprise
  • database
  • algorithm

This means that you'll be able to practice and apply the rules you'll learn in this course right away.


Lessons are delivered using video, PDF and audio files. I'm continually making updates to the course. I'll notify you when new lessons are posted.

Video case studies

The video case studies that you'll use in this course are powerful way for you to learn exactly how IT industry leaders including:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Vic Gundotra

Video case studies are downloadable lessons.

Course timeline

Accent change takes time and LOTS of repetition. I recommend that you take each lesson at least three times. MORE is even better!

However, you must practice the words in each lesson more than once in order to internalize the rules and patterns for speaking clear American English.

You will not "lose your accent" by taking this course. 

Proven methods

These are the very same lessons that I use with my private clients, so I know they work.

If you're an IT professional who wants to learn the FUNDAMENTAL RULES for clear American English communication, I know that you'll be really excited by content in this course.

Let's get started!

Susan Ryan

This course teaches Information Technology professionals how to communicate clearly and effectively in American English.

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What you will learn
  • Pronounce 150 IT industry words clearly & correctly using the correct syllable stress.
  • Speak with an engaging & friendly pace
  • Pronounce numbers clearly & correctly

Rating: 5

Level: Expert Level

Duration: 3.5 hours

Instructor: Susan Ryan

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