Digital Illustration with Procreate: Awarded Professor

Digital Illustration with Procreate: Awarded Professor

Get to know awesome techniques and cool features to become a master of Procreate : character and landscape design / comic book drawing / digital painting. Learn everything you need to know to have a deep understunding of Procreate through examples and clear, to the point, explanations.

The Invisible School presents "Procreate: Awarded Professor", the most complete Procreate online course. Guille Coppo, one of the best digital Illustrator from Latin America, will guide you through the world of Procreate : examples, projects and techniques unveiled by reviewed instructor. Believe us when we say that this course`s greatest asset is our instructor.

Guille Coppo, professional Graphic Designer and Teacher and specialized in Advertising, Digital Illustrator, painter, sculptor, has published his artwork in international publications. In This course, Guille Coppo will guide you to become Procreate Artist. Secrets, clues and advices to start a career in Digital Art with the most comprehensive course on Udemy. Step-by-step lessons, techniques and tools to create the most awesome and powerful digital art.

Users of Procreate include comics artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, who has used it to sketch Batman and the Joker. British fine artist David Hockney created a series of landscape paintings using Procreate. Kyle Lambert, a poster artist notable for creating the Stranger Things poster in Procreate, is also known for his viral Procreate finger-painting of Morgan Freeman. Artist James Jean uses Procreate for film poster work, as with his poster for Blade Runner 2049. Art Director for Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, Raphael Lacoste, uses Procreate for studies.Concept artist Doug Chiang creates robot, vehicle, and creature designs for Star Wars in Procreate. John Dyer, the English landscape painter, used Procreate as part of the 'Last Chance to Paint' project, a partnership with the Eden Project that sent Dyer to stay with the Yaminaw√° in the Amazon rainforest, where he painted the experience.

  THIS COURSE WAS SELECTED AS Editors' Picks 2019 by Collateral Magazine

Awesome techniques and cool features to become a master of Digital Illustration and Caricature with Procreate

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What you will learn
  • An extensive knowledge of Procreate, the best-selling and awarded app of 2019 for iPad
  • Complete approach in composition and creation of illustrations, cartoons and digital art
  • Use of Brushes, Layers and Selections

Rating: 4.25

Level: Beginner Level

Duration: 4 hours

Instructor: The Invisible School

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