Commonly Confused English Words and Phrases

Commonly Confused English Words and Phrases

Your writing can reflect your credibility as a writer, help you stand out from the crowd, and help you achieve your goals.

-Created based on what you, the student, requested by popular demand: A course that clarifies commonly confused words and phrases.

Do you find specific words and phrases in the English language confusing? Do you often mix them up in your writing creating embarrassing mistakes? For example, who hasn't confused "its" and "it's" or "whose" and "who's"? Do you get tired of looking up the correct usage of these words, but can never remember which is which? I know I do.

That's why I created this course--to solve this problem and help your writing achieve credibility.

**Written by instructor with almost 90,000 students, seven courses on Udemy, and thousands of 4 and 5 star reviews

Master Commonly Confused Words and Phrases, Fix Your Mistakes, and Avoid the Mistake in the Future

-Why another course on commonly confused words and phrases?

1. This course is unique because many courses like this will show you the difference between the commonly confused words and phrases, but they don't show you how the mistake is made.

2. This course shows the root causes of each mistake. If you want to solve a problem and to avoid it in the future, you need to know how the mistake was made to begin with. Examples in the course don't just tell you why the mistake was made, they show you through examples.

3. This course is unique because it doesn't just show you the mistake and correction. Unlike many courses like this, it shows you tips and tricks to help you avoid the mistake in the future based on the root cause of the mistake.

4. Unlike many similar classes, this course includes exercises to help you practice, apply, correct, and retain what you've learned, using the power of repetition and consistency, which learning science shows will help you retain the material.

5. Retention of the material is key. This solves the problem the causes certain words and phrases to become confused.

What Students Had to Say About Other Courses I Created. The proof is in the results:

As an ESL student, it was really helpful to review some topics and to learn a new ones such as the use of semi-colon. Thanks for your time." Mariana Rimirez

"Muy contenta, es muy sencillo de entender este curso, tiene los subtitulos en ingl├ęs y practicas todo lo aprendido con los test despues de cada clase." Fanny Solange Zambrano Vera

"The lecture is very simplified and informative. I really like the tricks provided to help you remember key points." Jennifer R. Aaron

"This course was really helpful- and this was only a sample! I was able to review and learn some grammar errors that I was struggling with before taking the course. Thank you for all the great information!"  Myra Rivera

"As a novice writer and with English as my first language, I still learned new things and refreshed on others." Anita Latendre

What This Course Does:

Commonly confused mistakes is one of the main errors I find in student writing. Errors can scare away clients, publishers, customers, and good grades. Correcting these mistakes will increase your credibility as a writer, make an impression on your audience, and increase the chances that your writing helps you achieve your goals.

What can this mean for you?

  • clear message

  • engaged readers

  • higher visibility

  • greater sales

  • more clients

  • increased credibility

  • better grades

  • published articles and books

  • achieved writing goals

If you apply what you learn in this course, you will be one step closer to achieving your goals. 

How the Course is Set Up

Each lecture applies the following outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between two or three commonly confused phrases

  • Apply the definition and use of each word

  • Differentiate why the phrases are confused using examples

  • Correct the the mistakes with examples

  • Avoid the mistake successfully in the future with tips and tricks

  • Practice, apply, correct, and retain what you've learned with exercises.

Sections in Lecture:

  1. Definitions

  2. Why words are confused (examples)

  3. Correction and application (Examples)

  4. Tricks to remember/distinguish correct forms

  5. Practice what you've learned

As a teacher and course designer, I'm always learning something new. I have 20 years teaching experience, and I continue to apply what I know and learn to each course I make.

Who This Course is Specifically Designed For:

  • ESL, ESOL, TESOL, and TFL students, professionals, and learners

  • Creative writers who need to improve on the mechanics of their writing

  • Native English speakers and writers who need a grammar refresher

  • Lifetime learners interested in mastering the English language

Who This Course Will NOT Benefit:

I like to tell it to you straight. I don't want you to pay for this course unless it can benefit you, the learner. This course is NOT for those who have advanced knowledge, understanding, and application of English grammar.

Who Can Benefit From This Course:

  • online content creators

  • business owners

  • freelance writers

  • copywriters

  • journalists

  • fiction and nonfiction writers

  • coaches

  • academics

  • university students

  • beginning writers

  • lifetime learners

The course is broken down by types of words and phrases that are commonly confused for ease of access and navigation through the material.

Master Commonly Confused Words and Phrases, Fix Your Mistakes, and Avoid the Mistake in the Future

**Don't put off being a better writer. Sign up for this course today, and you can start achieving writing mastery!*

Master Commonly Confused Words and Phrases, Fix Your Mistakes, and Achieve Success and Credibility as a Writer

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What you will learn
  • Differentiate between commonly confused words and phrases
  • Write and speak with more confidence and mastery
  • Make a strong impression and convey credibility in your writing and communication

Rating: 3

Level: Beginner Level

Duration: 3 hours

Instructor: Rachel Leroy BA, MA, MFA

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