Chief Financial Officer Leadership Program

Chief Financial Officer Leadership Program

Are you a financial professional working in industry looking to get more out of your career?

Do you have what it takes to sit at the boardroom table at your company and contribute?

Do you want to take what you know about the numbers side of the business and make a greater contribution at the highest levels?

If this is the way you are thinking today and the direction you'd like to go, then this is the leadership program for you.

Hi there, I’m Blair Cook and I’m a seven time CFO and three time corporate director. I’ve spent the past two decades around the boardroom table facilitating strategy sessions, raising financing, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, and reporting to a board of directors or serving on the board of directors.

In this program, we have curated ideas to help financial professionals move from the cubicle to the corner office as soon as possible. Its table stakes that you know the numbers and can prepare the reports. In this program, you’ll learn to move beyond the accounting to think strategically, act as a catalyst leader, and influence the decisions of any organization for the better.

What are you waiting for? Enroll with us now to get started!

An ever expanding program of courses helping financial professionals aspire to the top levels of financial leadership

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What you will learn
  • Analyze financial statements to gain deeper insight into the financial results, profitability, financial strength, and cash return generation potential.
  • In this course, you will be able to facilitatte development of an Enterprise Risk Management system using the principles of the COSO ERM framework.
  • Learn about financing strategy including the different varieties of financing, how each work, and when to seek each source of financing.

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Level: All Levels

Duration: 16.5 hours

Instructor: Blair Cook CPA, CA MBA Jen Nicholson CPA, CA

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