Increasing Happiness - Defeating Depression

Increasing Happiness - Defeating Depression

Depression sabotages everything: confidence, marriage, parenting, friendships, romance, school, sports, occupation, health – literally everything!  It takes the good out of life.  What is the meaning of life?  Happiness! If you are not happy, what is the point? 

There are principles and laws that govern mood.  Learn what these principles and laws are to make the most of your mood, productivity, relationships and life. Dr.  Hyde has taken from the world’s greatest researchers and combined this with his own 30 plus years of experience to provide you with the answers in a simple, fun, yet powerful and easy to implement program.

Often, all you need is good information and then to apply and practice what you’ve learned to be  highly successful.

  • Learn the 3 Foundational Principles to life and happiness.
  • You will be able to understand and explore the meaning and purpose of life.
  • Why depression may be the worst suffering one can experience.
  • How to Love and Accept Yourself.
  • You will learn some of the world's greatest Research on happiness and depression.
  • You will know the secret of how to Apply and Deeply Internalize what you learn.
  • You will understand the Power of Thoughts and Words and how they shape your world.
  • Why it takes Courage to overcome depression.
  • We will explore in depth the 4 Principles of Happiness and how to internalize them.
  • You will know how Thoughts Produce Emotions.
  • You will understand how to Debate Your Thoughts and Beliefs so that they align with Reality and what is best for you.
  • We will explore how Failure and Defeat can produce depression and how to overcome it.
  • Learn to Live Life Fully and Completely in the Moment.
  • We will explore how Irritability and Anger can be primary symptoms of depression – especially in men and kids.
  • How to make our Relationships healthy and add to our happiness and overcome our depression.
  • How Social Issues are most often at the base of depression – especially in kids and adolescents and even contributes heavily in adults.
  • Optimism is a golden nugget.
  • We will explore what Healthy Mentality is and how to develop it.
  • Marriage and Family can be a source of inexpressible joy and pain – how to get the most of our most intimate relationships.
  • Friends are invaluable – why and how to nurture healthy friendships.
  • The 2 Instincts that are at the heart of our need for nurturing relationships and interactions.
  • We will explore in depth what Mature Love is and what it looks like.
  • How Dr. Glasser's Choice Theory can help you achieve what is most valuable in life.
  • We will explore vital Social Principles.
  • Why Good Character is vital to being happy. What it is and how to increase yours.
  • We will explore Dr. Seligman's research on Virtues and Strengths of Character.
  • You will understand what determines a Person's True Value.
  • Why Meaning and Purpose in vital to being happy and overcoming depression.
  • How to increase Self-Respect and Self-Esteem.
  • How to make a Personal Creed that will guide your life in what you believe and determine is important.
  • Your Calling in Life.

You will be able to apply the research, principles and skills to overcome depression and increase happiness

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What you will learn
  • How happiness can improve every area of your life.
  • Research on overcoming depression.
  • The 4 principles of happiness.

Rating: 4.3

Level: All Levels

Duration: 3.5 hours

Instructor: Randy Hyde PhD

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